James G. Kontos founded "Jimmie's" in 1929. At the time it was simply known as "The White House" and as years progresses, it became "Jimmie's White House Inn" and finally just "Jimmie's". The George Walter Brewing Company of Appleton built the White House Inn around the turn of the century in Butte des Morts. A blacksmith by the name of Smith ran the saloon. In 1915 Ed Luhn took over running the saloon for the Appleton Brewery until 1923 when Grace Rose took over the building. She rented rooms upstairs and it soon became a popular stop for busses that ran between the neighboring towns.

In 1925, Chris Kontos purchased the building, but since it was during prohibition, the saloon was not profitable. Kontos then decided to turn it into a candy factory and added a kitchen, which is now part of the private dining room. Before Chris could get the business into operation, he became ill. In 1929, his brother James bought the business and opened it as a supper club.  

The town of Butte des Morts, established in 1818 is older than the state of Wisconsin. Butte des Morts means "Hill of the Dead" in reference to a nearby Indian burial mound by Woodland Indians and, in modern times, by the Fox (Meskwaki) Indians following two massacres by the French.

Miles LaFever currently owns and operates The White House Inn. The Civil War bar motif is a private collection of the LaFever Family. Corporal Tunis LaFever, Miles grandfather, was 62 years old when Clarence, Miles father was born in 1905. Many artifacts of Corporal LaFever can be found around the bar. His original musket, discharge papers, Citation for Gallant Conduct at the Battle of Jenkins Ferry, the "Company F" Roster of the Regiment of the Wisconsin Volunteer and his watch with a chain braided from his mother's hair are all on display.

Please feel free to browse the many authentic Civil War artifacts.

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